I woke up to a nice surprise from EA in my inbox this morning. I went to redeem my Titanfall beta code in Origin, but I'm unable to play since my Win7 is a 32-bit OS and unfortunately, I hadn't checked up on the system requirements before registering for the beta. Seeing as how it's of no use to me, I thought I'd post it here if anybody wants to see if they can redeem it. I'm not expecting it to work since it does show up in my Origin account (but it's greyed out). And yeah, my fault entirely for not checking the requirements and assuming I could run it (ironically, my hardware exceeds the requirements...).

Here's the code: 2LLU-NXWH-648D-K8RT-RLEE

*If by some miracle the code does work, do post and let others know that it's already been redeemed.