I've been a Nintendo fanboy since I was 6 years old when I received a SNES from my grandparents as a gift. Since then I've owned every generation of Nintendo consoles and handhelds, barring variants like the Game Boy Micro, DSi XL, etc. As I've grown older, I've been able to divest my nostalgic emotions from the company. For the first time in my life I've been considering skipping a console generation. I'll always love Nintendo, but the abandonment of third party support for the Wii U and the recent public acknowledgment of new hardware further strengthened by decision.

However, my resolve showed it first signs of cracking on April 8, the day of the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. If there is one Nintendo IP that is my Achilles' heel, it's Smash. There's just something about crossover fighting games that pushes all my buttons and Smash is right up there with Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I think anybody who grew up on Nintendo hardware experienced the same magic the first time they fired up the game on the N64. I purchased a 3DS once it was announced that the newest iteration in the series would be coming to the handheld. I figured I would be able to forego purchasing a Wii U. After seeing the Nintendo Direct my resolve was certainly tested. Who doesn't want to see their favorite Nintendo characters duke it out in HD? More importantly, the Nintendo Direct appealed to the Smash enthusiast in me with the expanded online options. As somebody who spent a lot of time playing 1v1, no items, Final Des in the dorm, Nintendo's inclusion of ranked online play really nailed it for me.

And then Mario Kart 8 was released. Seeing the MK Gawker tournament reminded me how fun the series is. It really is one of the best casual, local multiplayer experiences. And how could you resist the gorgeous HD tracks, karts, and cast? I'll be going back home for a month in August and there isn't much to do back there, so my cousins and I were trying to figure out which games we could play locally on our laptops. The planning was going swell until I realized that my Macbook Pro was the most underpowered of the lot. But then it hit me. Why not pick up a Wii U and Mario Kart and take it over? I used to do that a lot with my bulky 360.

So I've set aside enough money for a Wii U, but I've had to restrain myself (to the best of my ability) from going out and picking one up until E3. As much as I love the aforementioned titles, it's a bit absurd to drop cash just to play a handful of games. I know there's some interesting stuff on the horizon like the SMTxFire Emblem crossover, X, the HD Zelda, but I want to see concrete plans and commitment regarding what Nintendo has in store for the future of the console; nobody wants to be stuck with a lemon. The fanboy in me really wants them to pull through, while the consumer side of me wants them to be backed into a corner, because if Nintendo gets truly desperate they have plenty of trump cards, like F-Zero, Star Fox (ffs give us a new title already), Metroid, Custom Robo, a Mother 3 localization, and so on. But my patience is starting to wear thin waiting for these titles to materialize.


4 days remain till E3. The ball's in your court, Nintendo.