Horrible Bosses

Playing through Persona 3 again, I was reminded of the final boss battle against Nyx. After spending numerous attempts, I had to take a hiatus and return with renewed determination. Eventually, I came out victorious, with the completionist in me finally being able to sleep peacefully.

How Destiny Sucked Me Back in

It's been over two months since Destiny, the game that was supposed to herald the new console generation, was released. With the initial hype period having died down, a lot of people lost interest, leaving the servers to be populated by the faithful. I was one of those people who was turned off by Destiny's monotony.

Windows Problems

I figured I'd ask the TAY community for help since I'm at my wits end with Windows. A couple of months ago, I noticed my desktop (running Win7) has been acting oddly. It started with extremely long load times and got to the point where it took about 5 minutes to boot, though the OS is running off an SSD and would…

A Week With Watch_Dogs

It's been an interesting week traipsing around the virtual incarnation of Chicago in the game that's supposed to herald the arrival of the next-gen. I'll admit, like most people my interest was piqued when the game was first revealed, though not because of the visuals, but by the possibilities it offered. Who could…


Titanfall Beta Code

I woke up to a nice surprise from EA in my inbox this morning. I went to redeem my Titanfall beta code in Origin, but I'm unable to play since my Win7 is a 32-bit OS and unfortunately, I hadn't checked up on the system requirements before registering for the beta. Seeing as how it's of no use to me, I thought I'd post…