Speaking of spring and birds, ever since February I've had these two birds that keep hitting my window (which is reflective). The constant thuds have become jarring and I had no idea what's causing them to do this. So I thought I'd consult Google and lo and behold! Apparently, it's the Goldfinch mating season and the… » 4/06/15 5:33pm 4/06/15 5:33pm

“Cynthia is destroying our brand,” one employee pronounced bluntly, citing the fact that she and many other employees heard Erland describe current American Apparel models as “too short and round,” and that Erland is interested in hiring models who are “Eastern-European looking.”

» 4/01/15 4:46pm 4/01/15 4:46pm

I saw The Raid 2 when they released it in a few theaters. The one I went to was pretty much empty. Maybe just like 4 other people watching it, but it was weird because a dad brought his young son along. The Raid movies are anything but family friendly. I'm still a bit concerned about the parenting. » 3/02/15 2:43pm 3/02/15 2:43pm